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Though many acts featured animals that were exotic and unfamiliar, common household pets such as dogs and cats remained staples of the IQ-Zoo and commercial training programs.  In the exhibit to the left, two behaviors were "chained" together - turning on the light above the piano and banging away at the piano keys.

Marian Breland Bailey was probably the first person to successfully train a cat for a television commercial or to have cats "pose" for publicity shots (see below).  Like dogs, cats were also trained by ABE in contracts for the military. 


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Video Clips

A variety of cat commercials [Fast DL: 906KB]
Additional cat commercials w/o narration [Fast DL:709KB]
Short color clip of a cat exhibit [Fast DL:709KB]
Ultrasonic cat guidance demonstration [Fast DL: 709KB]

Mechanisms used in cat guidance

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