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The following pages contain various media relating to setup and operation of IQ-Zoo Exhibits.  

Documents are in PDF format. Video clips are WMV and AVI.

Please click on the exhibits below to learn more about the wonders of the I.Q. Zoo and the activities of Animal Behavior Enterprises. 

Animal Drivers
Animal Newspaper
Avian Acrobats
Aquatic Acrobats
Baseball Chicken
Bird Brain
Buck Bunny
Bunny Photographer
Clucking Calculator
Chicken Training
Clever Canines
Computer Chickens
Conditioned Kitties
Dancing Chicken
Drumming Duck
Flying Hamsters
Frances and her Rabbit
Funny Poses
Guitar Duck
Kissing Bunny
Larry the Bull
Muscular Goats
Patriotic Ground Hog
Piano Players
Popgun Pete
Project Pigeon
Raccoon Reinforcement
Rescue Birds
Smart Swine
Sureshot Rabbit
Spy Birds
Three Card Monte
Tightrope Walkers
Vending Chicken