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Many acts were developed over the years involving trained chickens.  Keller Breland noted that these birds were hearty, humorous, and worked well in many types of exhibits. They were the preferred animal for teaching new trainers how to reinforce animal behavior. In 1955 the dancing chicken act could be rented for around $400 per week, and it involved a chicken shuffling around a dance floor to music. Pictures and clips show this behavior in a variety of formats.  Further, this act is described in the classic article "The Misbehavior of Organisms."  In an early version of this act, called Punch and Judy, a rabbit played the piano while a chicken danced.

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Video Clips

Color clip of dancing chicken.

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Short explanation of how the exhibit works and care of the animals.

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Rabbit plays piano while chicken dances on stage

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Dancing Bantam Training Manual Training the IQ-Zoo Chicken