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Pictures such as those shown here were not taken in the midst of action scenes.  Animals in these pictures were trained to let themselves be molded to any posture that the trainer desired and then to hold that pose for quite some time if needed.  To accomplish this, the trainer used shaping procedures and lots of reinforcement.  The dog in each of these pictures was named Putty.  Putty gained international renown for his ability to remain motionless while the photographer and the Brelands posed him in funny situations, like playing poker.  Later, the Brelands and the Baileys used this procedure of shaping and reinforcing the animal for remaining still for periods of time while conducting medical procedures with a variety of animals.  For example, this technology is essential for having dolphins, sea lions, whales, and elephants cooperate during medical procedures like drawing blood, getting an injection, and cooperating during ultrasound procedures.


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