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Keller Breland often said that there were few animals as talented as the pig when it came to fine-motor tasks (at least involving its lips).  Therefore, the pig was used in a great many ABE exhibits, stage-shows, on film, at the IQ-Zoo, and at fairs.  These pigs often advertised Larro® Feed for General Mills.  Particularly interesting were the pig acts of Larro Bessie, the Pig Miner, Pricilla the Fastidious Pig, and the Supermarket Pig.  The supermarket-pig photograph has appeared in many textbooks that describe the work of the Brelands and the Baileys.  It indicates a key factor in making animal exhibits entertaining -- put the animal in a "human-appearing" situation. Marian Bailey liked to describe this as putting the animal in an anthropomorphic situation.  Other persons who have capitalized upon this idea are Walt Disney and Gary Larson.

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Video Clips Pig as a train engineer [Fast DL: 128KB]
Piggy Bank [Fast DL: 443KB]
This little piggy went to market [Fast DL: 574KB]


Training Larro Bessie