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There are many versions of the Vending Chicken exhibit.  In some cases, the chicken would deliver a small toy to the patron, while in other cases the chicken would deliver a postcard.  The Vending Chicken exhibit could be seen as any other small-toy vending machine, with one exception. The toys were dispensed by a live chicken!  In other formats the chicken would dispense fortune-telling cards or small postcards.  Why pay some boring old machine to give you a toy when you can have the toy delivered to you by a chicken for the same price and twice the fun?

In early versions, the chicken engaged in only one behavior.  For the postcard-vending chicken, the chicken would simply peck at a disk (or pull a loop).  This peck (or pull) would trigger a device that would deliver the post card. 

In later versions, two behaviors were chained together.  The scenario would go something like this: the customer would deposit a coin, which triggered a small light in the animal's cage.  This served as a discriminative stimulus for the bird to pull a loop.  The pull of the loop turned on a “Thank you” sign that the customer could see.  The bird would then press a disk that would result in the delivery of the postcard.  In the Capsule Vending Chicken, the chicken would first pull a loop that turned on a thank you sign and then peck at the clear-plastic capsule containing the toy.  The capsule then fell into the hands of the amused customer.

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The Vending Chicken in action

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Training the Vending Chicken