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ABE developed many "brainy" bird acts  over the years.  An early version consisted of a chicken, known as "Hendini," which answered questions put to it by customers. The chicken responded in a "yes" or " no" manner.

This exhibit later evolved into a chicken in an electronic booth that gave the appearance of engaging in Tic-Tac-Toe matches with visitors. The exhibit was programmed so that the bird would either win or draw - even B. F. Skinner lost to the bird when he played (see below). 

The tic-tac-toe playing Bird Brain was perhaps the most notable of all exhibits created by ABE.  The act was described several times in the New Yorker by writer Calvin Trillin.  One of ABE's Bird Brain booths was donated to the Smithsonian by Robert E. Bailey and is now housed at the museum in Washington, DC .

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Video Clips

B.F. Skinner takes a turn at the "Bird Brain" exhibit. [Fast DL: 595KB]

The "Bird Brain" exhibit on its international tour in Japan.

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Hendini Setup

Bird Brain Manual

Hendini Order Booklet

Hendini Manual