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ABE Documents By Decade*

First Contract General Mills (09/17/47)

You Get What You Pay For (02/18/48)

Florida State Fair Animal Acts (05/14/48) 
Reply Florida State Fair Request (05/20/48) 
Eating Behavior Research in Chickens (3/21/49)
General Mills Research Begins (07/14/49)
General Mills First Research Report (09/03/49)
GM Research Report (12/12/49)


Findings Of Chicken Behavior Research (03/17/50)
Moved to Hot Springs, AR (03/17/51)
Sureshot Rabbit Act (01/26/53)
Barnyard Circus (05/05/53)
Skinner writes to Keller Breland (06/02/53)
Diversifying with General Mills (07/01/53)
National Humane Review (12/03/53)
Exhibits by Level of Automation (4/54)
Los Angeles Fair (08/03/54)
Humane Appraisal of ABE (54)
Educational Features of Animal Acts (01/10/55)
Agenda: IQ-Zoo Opening (02/10/55)
Feature performers (03/03/55)
The Brelands and Marineland (04/04/55)
Marineland request to train dolphins (04/08/55)
Houston Zoo Q&A (05/26/55)
Exhibit Rental Rates (10/01/55)
Truck Driving Chicken (12/21/56)
Trained Broiler Act (N.D.)
Training Instructions for the Cork Gun Act (N.D.)
General Mills Exposition Flyer (N.D.)
Magazine Advertisement Insert (N.D.)
The Mathematical Genius (N.D.)
Pitching Pig Racing (N.D.)
Pricilla Pig Advertisement Template (N.D.)
Program for Development of Behavior Exhibits (N.D.)
The Quiz Chicken - Hendini (N.D.)
Training the Quiz Chicken - Hendini (N.D.)
Sureshot, The Basketball Shooting Rabbit (N.D.)
Operating Sureshot with Diagram (N.D.)


Suggestions for Tentative Hypothesis of Neural Action (62)
A Tour of the IQ-Zoo (N.D.)
Important Note to Act Handlers (N.D.)
Breland's Excerpts from The Management of Learning (N.D.)
ABE signs on with ABC's Marine World (N.D.)
The Animal in the Park (N.D.)
ABE Advertising Material (1970)
IQ-Zoo Publicity (02/06/72)
Catching up with friends (01/17/73)
On the humane display of sea lions (03/05/74)
Proposal for Hog-Heaven (03/11/74)
IQ-Zoo 19yrs Later (06/19/74)
Marine Mammal Commission Report (09/09/74)
Six Flags over Mid-America (09/30/74)
The Barnyard Show (10/17/74)
The Country Bumpkin Show (10/17/74)
Punch and Judy (10/17/74)
Macaw Show (10/18/74)
Park Association Lecture (12/06/74)
Why and How of Animal Shows (04/23/75)
Liberty Land Memphis Animal Follies (10/23/75)
IQ-Zoo goes to Brazil (11/14/75)
Bob Bailey to B.F. Skinner on Instinct (03/18/77)
Marian B. Bailey to Skinner (03/29/77)
IQ-Zoo Promotional Pamphlet (N.D.)
ABE Major Domestic Animal Show (N.D.)


IQ-Zoo goes to Australia (03/31/81)
Manual: How the IQ-Zoo Animals are Trained (1982)
Manual: ABE Employee Training Manual (05/05/88)
*In many cases, the date or decade was estimated.